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TT-Series Fixed Bed

The TT- Fixed bed is the most desirable and safe trailer of its type. Two or Three axles gives superb weight

distribution and superb towing stability carrying heavy loads. The axle layout reduces tyre scrub when turning

to an absolute minimum. The overall wheelbase is not much longer than a standard four wheel trailer.

Special high capacity 254mm wheels and tyres lower the bed height by nearly 10 cm over a trailer on typical 300mm wheels.

Bed width is increased by 10cm over a standard TT trailer to 2.1m. Lower bed height equals more stability plus reduced

loading angles, a real benefit to anyone handling low and wide cars. Specify the optional aluminium loading ramps for

ultra low angles if you need to carry exotic sports and race cars and guarantee no damage.

The superb look and feel of this trailer will continue to impress under all conditions.

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